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Selling Your Books


-TEXTBOOKS: I now buy current textbooks year-round. Please check Textbook Buying Hours and Textbook Guidelines below. If you would like a quote on your items, you can email titles and ISBN#s to

-ALL OTHER BOOKS: I buy other books every other month.  I am buying in OCTOBER on specific days.

-No appointment necessary--you just need to come during Buying Hours. 


Mon. 10/9: 11 - 5

Wed. 10/11:  11 - 2:30

Thu. 10/12:  11 - 5

Fri. 10/13:  11 - 4

Sat. 10/14:  2 - 9

Sun. 10/15:  4 - 7

Mon. 10/16:  11 - 2:30

Tue. 10/17:  11 - 6

Wed. 10/18:  11 - 2:30 and 6 - 8


(Buying Hours for the rest of October will be posted later.)



Mostly I buy recent books published within the past 4-5 years, plus classics and some older books if I think they will still sell.

·        I look especially for clean, smoke-free books in new or near-new condition.

·        As a general guideline, I pay $1-2 for most hardbacks and large paperbacks and 50 cents for most pocket paperbacks.  I pay a bit more for nice cookbooks, very current titles, etc.  For children's books, I generally pay 50 cents for paperbacks and 50 cents-$2 for hardbacks. 

·        If you take store credit instead of cash, you get twice as much.

·        Donations are welcome, too, and if you are donating books, I’m not picky about them!  You can bring them whenever you want, and leave them on the porch if we are not here.  Thanks!



**Things I buy very little of are: non-current textbooks, books with underlining/notation, and books with a noticeable odor. I also do not buy many hardback popular GENRE books other than the author's most recent book. Genre=mystery, thriller, romance, sci fi/fantasy. I DO buy hardback classics, literary fiction, and nonfiction. If you are unsure of whether your books fall into this category, please feel free to call for clarification. 


-I buy current textbooks. Current textbooks may have some underlining/highlighting and should be in good or better condition. Video games must have their case and minimal scratching. Calculators and clickers must be in good functioning condition and have working batteries.